If a14-year-old girl says she was a victim of sexual trafficking and not a willing homeless prostitute, we believe that 14-year-old girl was a victim.

But Democrat Ralph Trenary apparently doesn’t believe it can be true, particularly when it comes to his opponent in the Democratic primary in Loveland for the 15th District state Senate seat.

Trenary received an email from someone who can’t be authenticated, claiming Democratic candidate Rebecca Cranston wasn’t a victim at age 14, but a wiling participant — at age 14.

Any decent human would disregard the accusation, but Trenary forwarded it to the Democratic Party and suggested that Cranston should drop out of the race, making him the primary winner. This is what he wrote, according to the Loveland Reporter-Herlad:

“I would regret that this could turn into a public blow-up,” Trenary wrote.

He accused a child of willingly selling her body for money, because Trenary says he didn’t want to be accused of covering it up.

Who is this guy’s campaign consultant? Harvey Weinstein?

Trenary claims he forwarded the email because he didn’t want a scandal, but of course the email kept spreading and now it’s a scandal.

It makes our skin crawl.

Read the whole sordid tale, here.