In case you didn’t realize that today marked the beginning of open enrollment for Obamacare, we are here to tell you. Scratch that, President Obama is here to preserve his legacy to tell you in a new video. To which we say: Meh.

Here is what he said on Twitter:

While Obama claims that his healthcare plan won’t allow insurance companies to discriminate against women (have fun with those birth control pills, Grandpa!) or pre-existing conditions, the fact is that once again there are double digit increases in the costs for insurance. Even for low-income folks, insurance in Colorado is going up 12%. For, those silver spooned? Your insurance premiums are increasing on average 36%. Ouch. That’s to say nothing about the ever-increasing out of pocket expenses.

So, on November 1st, we would like to tell you to drink; however, you probably can’t afford the $13,500 deductible for your family should you have a party injury. Instead, just focus on not getting sick or injured.