Did we strike a nerve among those wanting to shut down fracking in Broomfield? Perhaps so, judging by the animosity the fractivists whipped out at the Broomfield City Council meeting last week. The long and short of it? Either you bow down to fractivists or you are a white supremacist.

Just watch:

“Your comments…are racist and smack of behavior of a white supremacist,” the activist said. “Take off your white hood. Your ignorance is showing.”

Say what?

While it’s true that Councilman Mike Shelton has challenged fractivists for suggesting that oil and natural gas production is equal to slavery, segregation, and other moral crimes, to say that he is a white supremacist is jumping the shark while jumping the shark. These bogus claims are cooked up by national groups like 350.org and Food & Water Watch out of Washington, D.C. Then, they send them to local chapters and volunteers as actual talking points.

As for Shelton, here is the “proof” of his white supremacy in the form of a letter to the editor on 301:

“301 makes people feel good, but it’s bad law and will only enrich lawyers and interest groups in their endless arbitrary lawsuits against the city. That is not a healthy place for a community to be. I’m voting No on 301.”

Fortunately, there are some reasonable folks left in Broomfield. After the activist told Shelton to don his white hood, another activist rushed the podium to declare, “The kind of comments that were made by the previous speaker I think are completely inappropriate.”

Lest you think that defender was just a lackey of the oil and gas industry, he was a supporter of 301 before he looked around and realized he was the only person not insane in his posse he changed his mind. Perhaps fractivists ought to try persuading instead of bullying to get their way next time.