Amazon hasn’t even had time to read all of the proposals from cities begging to be its second headquarters, but Gov. Hickenlooper is already making up lame excuses for why Colorado will lose the bid.

His damage-control mantra; We’re in the wrong time zone.

Double-talking his way through it, Hick says it’s a long shot Amazon would ever move to Colorado but he’s confident they will — like 15 to 20 percent confident.

But stepping up to the plate with a positive spin is J. J. Ament, chief executive officer of the Metro Denver Economic Development Corp:

“I would tell you that one of the advantages we have in our time zone is that as we increasingly become global, we are the only place in the United States where you can effectively do business in Europe and Asia in the same day. You can’t do that in Seattle, you can’t do that in Boston.”

It’s too early to make excuses. It’s the job of Colorado’s leaders to be aggressive in their rhetoric when it comes to attracting new business. Especially one with 50,000 jobs.