Despite protests by winning liberal school board candidates across Colorado that they had no affiliation with teachers unions, the state’s largest teachers union, the Colorado Education Association, revealed the candidates were lying. The day after union-backed candidates swept school board races in Douglas County, JeffCo, Aurora, Brighton, Thompson, Mesa, the CEA tweeted the following:

Union-led sweeps? Wait, we thought all of these races were led by “parents” and the “community.” How can that be? Is the CEA saying that parents and the community, in fact, did not lead liberal school board members to victory in Republican strongholds like Douglas and Mesa Counties and that it was a special interest group? Of course it was the union.

In Douglas County alone, the union contributed at least $315,000, and likely more, to an independent expenditure committee to elect liberal school board members, completely out of step with the values of the community they represent.

It’s unclear when the communities will wise up to the union hijinks simply meant to make a profit off of taxpayers so that they can fund Democratic political campaigns, but hopefully it’s before unions bankrupt school districts.