Representative Lois Landgraf

Following Friday’s news that Democrat state Rep. Faith Winters accused fellow Democrat Rep. Steve Lebsock of sexual harassment, Republican lawmaker Rep. Lois Landgraf is calling for an independent investigation by the state Attorney General’s office into how the matter was handled by House Democratic leadership. Oh, and she’s also calling for Speaker Crisanta Duran to step down.

Here’s an excerpt of a letter Landgraf sent to Duran, according to the Denver Post:

“The fact that you placed a known harasser with multiple accusations against him in a position of power over us, lobbyists and interns shows an incredible lapse of judgment. You put us all at great risk.”

The letter continues:

“…I believe the leadership of the House is incapable of policing members or reviewing its policy and rules on this matter because you and other members of the House leadership are complicit in sidelining and minimizing very serious charges of sexual harassment.”

Thus far, we haven’t heard of any response from the Attorney General’s office or the Democratic House leadership, but we will surely let you know when we hear something.