State Rep. Steve Lebsock tells reporters he is a victim and fears for his life.

Not from the women he allegedly sexually harassed, but from some guy in Michigan who keeps prank calling and texting him.

The Denver Post describes Lebsock as “trembling and tearful,” while claiming to be blackmailed by an unknown person.

“Right now, I am fearful for my life,” Lebsock said.

The Post goes on to report that the person harassing the alleged harasser is Joel Sayre, a former Colorado activist now living in Flint, Michigan. Sayre’s cause there is as an environmental activist, we’re still not sure what his crusade was in Colorado.

But we digress.

“My intent was to help him feel as uncomfortable as he made (his accusers) feel,” (Sayre) said.

Sayre said he is “bird-dogging” Lebsock because “he deserves to be chased out of office by the public.” He said he would keep the pressure on Lebsock to resign, including possibly driving to Colorado, if he didn’t step aside.

Meanwhile, Lebsock has reported Sayre to the State Patrol and officials at the Capitol, and maintains his innocence in the sexual harassment charges.