Frackers have been calling for a database of oil and gas infrastructure and now they’ve finally got one. It’s a collection of vandalism, arson, violence, sabotage and other incidents of eco-terrorism committed against energy infrastructure.

This catalog of incident will help expose the attacks and educate the public on the extent of this threat against public safety and the environment, Western Wire reports.

Toby Mack, President and CEO of Energy Equipment and Infrastructure Alliance, says “criminal tactics have become a regular feature of pipeline protests, leaving taxpayers on the hook for millions of dollars and potentially endangering lives, the environment and our national security.”

The link to the new incident tracker is here, which is where reports are also filed.

We hope not to see any incidents from Colorado, and we hope not to see anymore letters to the editor urging violence like the infamous Boulder letter that asked whether there is a “moral responsibility to blow up wells and eliminate fracking and workers.”

Such letters, and the publications that support them, are likely to turn up in the database.