Yesterday morning, Colorado Democratic Party Chair Morgan Carroll posted on Facebook one of the dumbest things she’s ever posted. And she’s posted a lot of dumb sh!t over the years. She railed against the women who came to Republican state Sen. Jack Tate’s defense following allegations of sexual harassment. Here’s a screenshot of her post:

Here are the top five things wrong with her post:

5) Who Tate hired: Carroll tries to make the assertion that Tate hired lobbyist Micki Hackenberger to defend him following the accusations. That’s wrong. According to the Facebook string, Tate hired Wendy Aiello, a Democrat and PR maven. But so what if he had hired Hackenberger? Carroll makes herself look insane by trying to assert that because Hackenberger may have contributed to his campaign, she’s not eligible to hire. Say what?

4) Discrediting an intern, c’mon? Carroll claims that the women who came out in support of Tate, some of them Democrats btw, were trying to discredit the intern who alleged inappropriate behavior. The only thing these women said was that they did not experience sexual harassment when working with Tate and that he’s been a gentleman when working with them.  In fact, the only one discrediting women here is Morgan Carroll, who tried over and over again to smear Tate’s supporters.

3) Who pitched whom? It is unlikely that Colorado Politics printed a pitch nearly verbatim, and certainly unlikely that Hackenberger pitched him herself. Hackenberger stated in the comments that she was asked her opinion of Tate and offered her opinion honestly and free of charge. In fact, later in the comments, the author of the story, Ernest Luning, also disputes the facts as alleged by Carroll.

2) Fake News timeline: Carroll posted this Facebook post long after the facts in question, particularly the role that Micki Hackenberger played, had been corrected by Channel 7 news, which by the way, is the hackiest of Democratic hacks in the local broadcast business. Will liberals like Jason Salzman at Big Media Blog chide Morgan Carroll for purposefully spreading misinformation?

1) Remove the plank from your own eye: Carroll has no room to talk on this issue. While Republicans have taken proactive measures to ensure women feel safe enough to report sexual harassment charges, her party, Democrats, swept known charges under the rug. That’s despicable. Further, while folks come out of the woodwork to accuse – on the record – Democratic legislators of inappropriate behavior, the Tate accusation is one lone anonymous source. That’s not to marginalize this intern’s experience, but Carroll should probably clean her own house before she attempts to besmirch those across the aisle.