The comments were rolling so fast, and some were furious during U.S. Sen. Michael Bennet’s Facebook live session Tuesday, that we had trouble snatching up some of our favorites before they disappeared.

Who brushes Bennet’s eyebrows for him? That was the best question of the half-hour event, and no, Bennet didn’t answer it.

Then there was this question: “When are you gonna start living in reality?”

We didn’t expect an answer to that one, either.

Some other questions of note include Jan Bramble, who asked why he only voted along party lines.

And this one summed up the typical Bennet supporter who doesn’t think Americans need a tax break:

Once upon a time the better you did, the more you contributed. Now it’s like you want to keep it and not share with others who did not have the same opportunities.

However, this constituent appeared to be in favor of the proposed GOP tax break:

Do you want your children poor so they can get all the free health insurance on the backs of others or help develop a prosperous working country?????

The live session had about 300 consecutive viewers with lots of emoticons flying across the screen. A Bennet staffer read a handful of questions, while the Senator droned out unmemorable answers.

Brian Olson summed up our response to the whole event: “Blah blah blah. Click.”

If Democratic politicians keep using social media for their town hall meetings, Facebook might want to develop an emoticon for that.