In the place of honor on a Christmas tree usually reserved for an angel or the Star of Bethlehem, the tree in the Governor’s Mansion is topped with a random character out of the Nutcracker ballet. Don’t get us wrong, we like the Nutcracker ballet as much as anybody (read into that what you will), but damn this thing is kind of creepy.

Photo credit: Denver Post

This bizarre character with googly eyes has a flowing apron that covers nearly half of the tree (we guess that’s one way to only have to untangle half of the Christmas lights).  The Denver Post story on the tree explains that the creature is Mother Ginger, who hides eight gingerbread men under her skirt in the ballet. Has anyone ever heard of this random character?

Interior designer David Rote is responsible for the decorations, calling the Palm Room, which houses this unusual display, the “most fun space” in the mansion.  We’re not sure who hired this guy, but the Governor can do much better next year.  In fact, Governor, please call us next year. We can untangle Christmas lights like a champ.