In case you’ve missed the barrage of people asking you to open your wallets to your their favorite charity, today is Colorado Gives Day, which is meant to raise awareness money for charities across Colorado. We found one “charity” we’re definitely not giving to – that’s Healthier Colorado. The nonprofit set money on fire by creating a Beatles parody of Help! (Might we have suggested Money instead?)

What’s so wrong with a healthier Colorado? Don’t we all want a healthier Colorado? Sure, but not the way these folks go about it. According to Colorado Politics, here’s what Healthier Colorado has been up to:

“Healthier Colorado was the driving force behind the tax Boulder voters put on sugary soft drinks last year, only the second such local levy in the country.

“The group also had a hand in rules that deter commercial childcare facilities from giving sugar-laden drinks to children, unless the parents provide the drinks.”

What buzzkills.

Plus, their “Sheatles” video clearly shows that this group has plenty of money for dumb projects (see Sheatles video) – they don’t need more of yours.

Finally, when you think of charities, we’re sure you’re thinking of things like The American Cancer Society or the Red Cross or a homeless shelter. Apparently, political organizations, like Healthier Colorado, also feel entitled to participate in Colorado Gives Day. If you are feeling all politick-y and want to give, might we suggest donating to Compass Colorado? At least that group won’t take away your delicious food and drinks.