A bizarre tweet yesterday from David Sirota criticized Democratic gubernatorial candidate Mike Johnston for having a fundraiser with some prominent lefty donors. Oh, for shame. Here’s a screenshot of his critique:

So, Meg Whitman and John Arnold, we surmise from Sirota’s tweet, are in favor of some kind of public sector retirement benefits reform. Pension reform isn’t even a left or right issue – it’s pretty much understood that something’s gotta give. What is interesting is that Sirota thinks this is a big deal. And, this is newsworthy why?

It’s not like Johnston, who has been a proponent of education reform, was going to get the unions’ support anyway. We’d think it would be more newsworthy if Johnston came out against pension reform, but then again we’re fiscally responsible and understand that this scheme, as it stands, is totally unsustainable.

That Johnston realizes pension reform is a necessity almost makes us like him as a candidate…but then we remember that he tried to raise our taxes by nearly one billion dollars in 2013 and the warm and fuzzies dissipate.