David DeCamillis from Platte River Network of Hillary email server fame appeared on a crisis management planning podcast to discuss the lessons they learned from the experience and why it’s imperative for every company to have a crisis management contingency plan.

DeCamillis said their reaction was to hire lawyers, lots of lawyers, plus Andy Boian of Dovetail Solutions, who is also Gov. Hickenlooper’s go-to-guy in a crisis.

Interestingly, DeCamillis said the company was given advance notice, about a month, that their name was going to be leaked to the media. But then says “we were in shock when it first hit.”

So their plan was to hire “specialists” and “rock stars” to handle the media fallout and political frenzy, which included hearings before Congress.

Employees were given scripts to read over the phone to “sneaky reporters,” but still he says they fell victim to fake news.

He described the experience as painful, and unfair given their systems had never crashed or been hacked.

But what held our attention, and still does, is that they had advance warning from some unnamed person that their involvement was going to be “leaked” to the media.

Tragically for the company, which says it lost many clients due to the controversy, it sounds like someone threw them to wolves on purpose. Perhaps it was to draw the attention away from Hillary?