Well, this will make the office Christmas Party awkward. Today, Colorado’s chief financial officer, Charles Scheibe, filed to run as a Democrat in the State Treasurer’s race. Scheibe has been running the day-to-day operations in the Treasurer’s office for 11 years under both Democrat Cary Kennedy and Republican Walker Stapleton.

Despite his experience working as the CFO, Scheibe admits he knows little about politics, which should give donors comfort. That’s sarcasm.

“I may not know a lot about running a political campaign, but I know everything about managing your tax dollars.”

Yeah, about those tax dollars…. We’ll be the judge of that.

While his lack of political experience may worry some, the greatest challenge will be getting through his primary. After all, the last guy who signed up to run against Democrat Rep. Dave Young found himself entangled in a sexual harassment scandal. Our sources tell us that Young’s “aw shucks” demeanor is a ruse and that he’s fairly adept at torpedoing his opponents – and not just Rep. Steve Lebsock. We’ve heard he’s been doing it for years.

So, with that we say, good luck, Mr. Schiebe and watch your back.