A former police officer and investment consultant will fill the shoes of Republican state Rep. Dan Nordberg, who is leaving the legislature and Colorado Springs to work for Trump’s Small Business Administration.

Shane Sandridge emerged from a pool of five candidates considered by the GOP vacancy committee on Thursday, that also included Anita Miller, Aaron Novy, David Kelly and Anthony Perez.

Describing his approach to the Legislature, Sandridge said in a statement: “More government control means less liberty. Lets keep government small and broaden the free market, refine regulation, trust our families and business owners to know what is best for them, decrease political correctness, while increasing common sense policies, all while expanding liberty in House District 14.”

Sandridge says he’s a constitutional conservative who wants government to get out of the way. And his background in law enforcement taught him that some liberal policies actually promote a criminal lifestyle.

We look forward to his service in the legislature, and wish him good luck.