Amazon doesn’t need tax incentives to build a second headquarters in Colorado, Gov. Hickenlooper reasons, because we have a special, “can-do” attitude, and that should be enough.

Amazon’s response: “We don’t need to invest hundreds of millions in Colorado, us just being there should be enough. Oh, and about those high-paying salaries …”

Hick was on CNBC Wednesday to defend the state’s minimal efforts to land one of the biggest company expansions in the nation, and rebutted the news network’s C+ grade they gave us for our below-average efforts.

Don’t focus on our crumbling infrastructure, Hick pleaded, because we love the environment.
The business network did concede that Hick is fairly pro-business, for a Democrat. After all, he once opened a brewery.

Hickenlooper’s argument that Colorado doesn’t need special tax incentives to attract a giant like Amazon, however, suggests he’s rather clueless about how business actually works.