If there ever was a more eye roll-worthy candidate in the Colorado Governor’s race, we can’t remember. U.S. Rep. Jared Polis, who has an estimated net worth of nearly $400 million, was gleeful about his fundraising haul today because his donations were all from small donors.  Well, except for one donor. That’s Polis himself who has given approximately $1.4 million to his campaign so far.

Polis’ campaign staff’s lame rhetoric did not go unnoticed. 9News reporter Kyle Clark tweeted this after he everyone got tired of Team Polis’ sanctimoniousness:

We agree. Polis’ small donor haul would be impressive if a) he didn’t (basically) invent the left’s infrastructure here in Colorado – that comes with perks, you know (and by perks, we mean indebtedness and lists) and 2) didn’t also supplement his campaign with millions.

If Polis truly wanted to impress, he would take out his $1.4 million and survive on just his small donors. After all, we can’t imagine his liberal base decried money in politics only to allow centimillionaires to buy elections.