Hickenlooper’s lame duck governorship is off to a ridiculously lame start with his reaction Tuesday to the selection of Denver as a top 20 choice by Amazon for the fabled second headquarters.

“There will be a sense of relief if they choose somewhere else because there are a lot of challenges and lot of hard work we will be avoiding,” Hickenlooper told the City Club of Denver …

Hick then went on to temper expectation, saying if Amazon picks another location, “I’m not going to cry,” the Denver Post reported.

Way to inspire, soon-to-be-former Governor Hickenlooper. Telling folks that landing the golden egg of economic development is just too much hard work is not setting a good example as our governor.

He may not have another gubernatorial election to worry about, obviously. But rest assured these comments will haunt him if he runs for president with bumper stickers that say “Hickenlooper, He’s Too Much Work,” or yard signs proclaiming “Vote No For Hick, He’s Avoiding You.”

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