Today, Governor Hickenlooper unveiled a plan to expand the network of fast-charging stations for electric cars, which, by the way, actually does nothing to alleviate the infrastructure crisis throughout Colorado. In fact, because Colorado has a gas tax (and no electric car tax), additional electric cars (as opposed to gas cars) actually could make budget shortfalls more severe. But we digress.

Here’s what Hick said about the new charging stations:

“We’re going to have a network of fast-charging stations. We’re going to be able to address what’s often referred to as range anxiety, and we’re not talking about wild buffalo.”

That’s great. Of course, Hick does nothing to address the anxiety that drivers feel when stuck in traffic. For hours.

Regardless, he does know that Elon Musk actually isn’t taking a traditional salary these days, right? Musk isn’t going to be a big funder of Hick’s next campaign, for whichever office that might be – U.S. Senate, U.S. Vice President, cabinet position somewhere.

While we think electric cars are fun, too, Hick still hasn’t done anything about the transportation crisis in Colorado. Well, except suggest that more people ride bikes. Tell that to the pregnant lady who has to pick up her kids at daycare, her clothes at the dry cleaning, and her dinner at King Soopers.

Colorado needs real solutions, Governor. Giddyup.