It’s no secret that Democrats hate small businesses, so the fact that they once again killed tax relief for businesses should come as no surprise. Yesterday, the House State, Veterans, and Military Affairs Committee killed the business personal property tax relief bill that would have increased the exemption from the business personal property tax from $7,400 to $50,000, meaning that businesses with less than $50,000 in personal property would not have to file the business personal property tax form, or, obviously, pay the tax.

Democrats killed the commonsense bill on a party line vote. Of course. There wasn’t one Democrat in the committee who valued small businesses more than pet projects? Amazing.

A bill to reduce this burden on business owners is brought up every single year and is killed every single year by Democrats. The only explanation we can think of is that they love spending more that they appreciate small businesses, jobs, economic growth or anything positive for the average Colorado worker.