Finally, someone has found a solution to incompetent Washington bureaucrats who moonlight as engineers and cause mining disasters like the infamous Gold King.

The Colorado School of Mines has created a robot that looks like WALL-E from the Disney movie, to inspect collapsing tunnels and test groundwater for pollutants.

Without causing a major catastrophe.

The news comes from, which reports the EPA is very interested in the development of this new technology because they specifically believe it can prevent future disasters like Gold King.

It will take another few years to finish the prototype at a cost of about $90,000 — which is millions of dollars less than the damage caused by the EPA near Silverton. And, it’s probably less than the annual salary of the EPA folks who caused the spill.

Congratulations to the Colorado School of Mines on their innovative creation. We hope there’s a backlog of orders soon on these little bots from the EPA.