Immigration advocates staged a sit-in, or an occupation as Denverite described it, at U.S. Sen. Micheal Bennet’s Denver office Wednesday.

They were protesting the inclusion of border security in any immigration bill that would give amnesty to illegal immigrants brought into the country by their parents.

Now that their plan to attach the amnesty language to the budget bill failed miserably, they want a separate bill that just addresses amnesty. No wall, no additional border security, just amnesty.

Judging by media reports of their protest, they failed to get that promise from Bennet. He gave them some mumbo jumbo about how Democrats don’t hold the majority in the Senate so they can’t do anything — except shut down the government, block funding, or block any legislation for that matter.

But Bennet didn’t mention that Democrats can and often do that.

No one is reporting how long the protest lasted, or if the occupiers are still in Bennet’s office.

We suspect the whole incident lasted only a few hours and everyone went home. Otherwise, the media would have made a bigger deal about it, like they did when protestors disrupted the offices of Republicans and refused to let the building close for the night.