Thank you to Kevin Beaty of Denverite for answering our question in 3 different tweets — immigration activists/ occupiers did indeed spend the night in U.S. Sen. Michael Bennet’s office to demand a bunch of stuff.

What do they want? Stand alone legislation granting amnesty to children of illegal immigrants, no border security, a no vote on the budget, and a key to the bathroom.

You can check out the excitement of democracy in action on the Denver Post’s story here, which included a four-hour Facebook live video recorded by the young activists of their protest.

We watched about 10 minutes and were bored stiff.

They giggled a lot, stared at their phones in their matching t-shirts, yawned, folded “bankies” and begged for coffee.

Then they stared at their phones some more.

This is how activism works in he Facebook generation. They put themselves on Facebook live, watch themselves on Facebook, and talk back to people who post comments on Facebook.

Every now and then they looked at the cellphone showing the Facebook live feed and made their demands.

They want lots of meetings with Bennet, spoke of their struggle to keep up the 17 hours of napping and sitting protest without coffee, and said they will not leave until their demands are met.

They said they were also meeting with a class of 4th grade students who were coming by sometime on Thursday to talk to the activists about what’s going on the Washington. The youngsters are very distressed, we are told, and will be asking questions and making song requests.

We couldn’t make it through the day-long videos to see what school was sending over their 4th grade class to study social media activism. If someone knows, post it on our Facebook page.

You can watch all the live Facebook feeds here.