It is something that we called a sham from the moment Governor Hickenlooper and other gullible politicians stood under the Golden Dome and announced plans for a billion dollar digital production studio in…Parker, Colorado.  Now the perpetrators of this charade are slowly backing away, and we don’t hear a peep from the governor. The reason – a landfill that is proposed in the area.  Apparently the two are mutually exclusive – who knew!

The only thing more laughable than placing this concept in Parker was the governor, his bureaucrats, and stable of “economic development” people who believed it without performing ten minutes of due diligence.

Redbarre executives issued press releases claiming to be on the brink of creating 4,000 jobs through a $1 billion spend on a 70-acre movie and digital production campus and relationships with Goldman Sachs other global banks.  Redbarre management also boasted plans for 1.9 million square feet of mixed-use development, a 75,000 square foot stage, and a massive back lot with renderings that rivaled anything that you would see in LA.  The Denver Post headline, in conjunction with the governor’s press conference, screamed that Redbarre would “Bring Hollywood to Colorado.”

Meanwhile, there were about five employees listed on LinkedIn, no request or plans submitted to the town of Parker, and social media accounts with fewer followers than what one would expect from a typical high school student. What we did have was a film incentive office desperate to portray itself as useful, and left wing political lining up for supporting roles.

Hopefully this is the last of the Redbarre cinematics that we encounter.