U.S. Rep. Jared Polis has had an on-again, off-again love affair with radical, leftist fractivists over the years.

Now that he’s running for governor in a field of Democrats who support the energy industry, Polis is once again breaking up with his base to seek new support (and votes) from moderate and independent voters who support heated homes and electricity.

A fractivist in the middle of a protest at a well site called into a campaign event Polis recently held in Greeley to ask for his support in demanding oil and gas setbacks.

Health and safety should come first, he said, but there needs to be flexibility for landowners who want to permit oil and gas production closer than a rigid setback might allow.

Bam! In your face, former friend and fractivist!

Energy in Depth reminds us that Polis backed an anti-fracking ballot measure in 2014, “but pulled his support after Gov. Hickenlooper described them as ‘radical’ and ‘extreme measures that would drive oil and gas out of Colorado.’”

But (Polis) hinted in 2016 that he might revive his financial support for “ban fracking” ballot initiatives – initiatives that ultimately failed amid controversy regarding forged signatures and a failed publicity stunt.

It’s comical to watch Polis swing back and forth on the issues as he makes a play for statewide office. And a gamble to abandon his extremist base, in the hopes that moderate voters won’t look too closely at his record.