Well, well, well. Guess whose money is being used to back La Plata County Commissioner Gwen Lachelt in order to block the recall effort to remove her from office?

None other than Tom Steyer — California billionaire, Colorado troublemaker, climatologist, and shameful exploiter of school children in this latest effort to buy and control the Democratic Party.

Western Wire discovered the not-so-subtle link to Steyer’s web of organizations, which very quickly raised $10,000 to help Lachelt stay in public office while she double-dips as an environmental activist.

Lachelt told the Durango Herald she’s “not quite sure why a California billionaire would be interested in my recall campaign, but stranger things have happened.”

It’s not much of a mystery why Steyer would want to keep a Colorado environmentalist in office. Especially one accused of using her office to further his her radical agenda.

Perhaps it’s because she knows him? Because he funds her radical environmental activities that got her into this recall election in the first place?

Conservation Colorado, the front group against Lachelt’s recall, admits Steyer is one of their contributors —Western Wire reports he kicked in nearly $500,000 during the 2016 campaign cycle.

However, they deny any of that money in their bank account got mingled with this money from their bank account before going to support Lachelt.

Durango locals aren’t buying it, and neither do we.