Jared Polis is on a serious campaign to abandon his recent political moves to the middle in order to secure his radical far-left contingency for the upcoming Democratic gubernatorial caucus and assembly.

This time he’s telling Democrats, mostly in the Aspen area, that he will bring universal health care to all western states.

No details on how many billions of dollars this will cost taxpayers in order to get free health care, but Polis says that if elected governor, he will (work) to create such a universal health care system but only with other western states.

He didn’t name which state’s health care burdens we would also be picking up, but he says it’s the most cost-effective way to reform health care, again.

We don’t think it’s cost effective at all for Coloradans to pick up California or Nevada or anyone else’s health care burden.

And taxpayers already shot down a ballot proposal for universal health care in the last election.

Polis’s idea of preventative health care is to make sure kids get “quality minutes” of P.E. at school, and that P.E. is never restricted as punishment for bad behavior in the classroom.

Workers should have more paid sick leave, and women should have more access to abortion, Polis says.

So we have a billion-dollar health care system run by the government, government-regulated P.E., and abortion-on-demand.

It seems to us that if Polis’s plan were such a great idea in providing preventative and maintaining health care, we wouldn’t need that additional sick leave.

It’s all pie-in-the sky promises to get votes. Sadly, many Aspen voters will applaud this government-run solution to our government-run, health care problems.