Yesterday was a disaster for anyone watching Colorado politics and today promises to be another disaster. But one politician had a particularly bad day. That’s Governor John Hickenlooper who couldn’t quite decide where he came down on the idea offered by GOP Senate President Kevin Grantham to turn sexual harassment complaints over to the Denver District Attorney.

Here is a snapshot into Hick’s “evolving” stance on this approach. It’s bizarre, to say the least. Bizarre…or strategic. Here is what we imagine the text from Democratic Party Chairwoman Morgan Carroll read: John. WTF. We talked about this. This is part of the strategy, STFU. We do not support Grantham here. WE TALKED ABOUT THIS. REMEMBER?

Here’s where Hick has no problem with Grantham’s suggestion.

And, then, he appears to change his mind just a couple of hours later.

We have to ask – we were just joking (sort of) about Carroll blowing up Hick’s phone – what happened in those two hours for Hick to reverse course on this issue?