Who knew Colorado would play a role in the Oscars last night? For all of Hollywood’s gnashing of teeth and tearing of hair about the sexual harassment and/or the sexual assault that everyone knew was rampant throughout the industry, you’d think they would have more carefully considered the industry’s top awards. Last night, NBA superstar Kobe Bryant, accused of rape in 2003, received an Oscar for “Dear Basketball,” an animated short.

Here’s what Jezebel had to say about the honor Bryant received:

“This is why, quite often, women choose to not report the crimes committed to them. Because women’s lives inherently teach them that they will be punished for speaking, while the man’s life will soon enough go on as if nothing happened.

“And then on Sunday night Kobe Bryant won an Oscar.”

For those newcomers to the state, Bryant was accused of raping a 19-year old hotel worker at the Cordillera Spa and Hotel in Edwards, Colo. He claimed it was consensual. She later refused to testify after his lawyers dragged her name through the mud by highlighting her mental health and sexual history. Bryant later settled with the woman instead of undergoing a lengthy civil case.

This is why Americans don’t take the political diatribes of Hollywood seriously. It’s all sizzle, no steak. Celebrities pay hundreds of thousands to support public relations campaigns #metoo and #timesup, but then award someone who settled with an accuser (but, no, was not found guilty by jury) with an industry award. It’s pretty counterproductive.

As Jezebel pointed out: “Kobe Bryant’s Oscar Win Reminds Us That Time Is Not Up For Everyone.”

It’s almost as bad as giving a guy who has been accused of sexual harassment a promotion. Right, Speaker Duran? Almost.