Yesterday was another topsy-turvy day at the State Capitol with gun grabbers hooting and hollering after the state Senate passed a bill that would allow teachers to conceal carry in schools. Keep it classy, gun grabbers. If that wasn’t bad enough, later that night, gun grabber in chief and Boulder resident, Shannon Watts, won the worst tweet on Twitter. Here’s the exchange:

The backstory here is that Bethany Shondark Mandel, a frequent critic of President Donald Trump said in a New York Times op-ed that she didn’t feel safe after a white supremacist group published her home address, so she bought a gun. First Watts denigrated her choice to do that and, then, inexplicably pulled the race card. Guy Benson sums it up pretty eloquently here:

We really have no more to add to this conversation. Just remember PeakNation™ that next time Watts wants to lecture you about guns, nothing you say can possibly excuse your white privilege. Yeah, seems like a non sequitur to us, too.