Finley in his native habitat

You’d think that the Denver Post wouldn’t assign someone who has so much disdain for Colorado’s oil and gas industry the oil and gas beat. You would be wrong. Bruce Finley, a radical environmental apologist, might just be the Denver Post‘s longest standing oil and gas reporter. If you think that sounds nuts, it is.

Yesterday, the Colorado State Senate rightfully killed a bill offered by Rep. Joe Salazar that would have redefined the mission of the oil and gas regulatory body, tied in knots the oil and gas permitting process, and decimated Colorado’s economy. The majority of Coloradans are cheering. But not Finley.

Here’s the title of his article: Colorado lawmakers kill bill to require protecting people and the environment as oil and gas operations move closer.

We understand that some media outlets are so high falutin’ that there is a separate person who actually writes the headline. (We’re not one of them.) In case that’s what happened here, read more from his story:

“The lawmakers’ decision to kill this bill before it could face full debate on the floor rankled some Front Range residents, local governments, the Sierra Club, Conservation Colorado and others who went to the statehouse to support it.”

Hundreds of bills each year die in committee. That this trainwreck of a bill died in committee is no special maneuver. It happens all the time – especially when bills are this crappy.

But Finley will be Finley. The real question is – why does the Denver Post  keep assigning an environmental reporter to cover one of the largest (if not the largest) industries in the state that happens to be disliked by radical environmentalists?