Some school districts including Denver Public Schools are taking a knee-jerk reaction to the Florida school tragedy, and pledging to reject future grants from the National Rifle Association.

The problem with this, is that the NRA grants fund gun safety programs, Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps, rifle teams, even agriculture clubs.

We need more safety classes, not less.

The Denver Post reports that other unnamed districts say they have no plans to reject grants that support those programs, only Denver is taking the political stance.

The Florida school was the first to reject future funding, where by the way NRA money was used to purchase bulletproof Kevlar curtains that were used to protect students during the tragic shooting.

A detailed report by the AP on NRA grants over a six-year period nationwide shows that Colorado received $37,000 total.

It’s a shame that many politicized school boards will go off half-cocked and reject these grants just to show solidarity with the Democratic Party, which doesn’t like the fact that the NRA’s political arm supports mostly Republican candidates.

Now, more than ever, our high school kids need to learn the proper respect and safe use of guns. Leave politics out of it.