This has been a tough couple of weeks for Governor John Hickenlooper and taking firm stances. Then, again, are there any weeks in which he’s excelled in this area? 9News’ Brandon Rittiman grilled Hick at a press briefing about his repeated calls for former State Rep. Steve Lebsock to resign while staying mum on Democratic Mayor Michael Hancock.

Rittiman asks Hick, “what’s the difference between these two guys?” Hick’s response:

He might have been premature? When Rittiman goes back to question Hick again, “Do you regret asking Lebsock to resign?” Hick offers another non-answer.

Rittiman’s question is a great question. If Hick asked for Lebsock to resign almost immediately after allegations surfaced, why is he not asking the same of Hancock?

Hick’s answer was some mumbo jumbo about “process.” The real answer? Because nobody liked Lebsock (sorry guy), because Lebsock was part of a plan (maybe), and because Hancock is a beloved Democrat.

Remember, PeakNation™, Democrats that other Democrats like don’t need to step down when they sexually harass women. Democrats that other Democrats don’t like, must be used to further Democrats’ political scheming. Victims be damned.