School students need a note from their parents to miss school, but kids across the nation will be skipping classes Wednesday with a permission slip from the Democratic Party to help further its political agenda to elect more Democrats.

We are certainly sensitive to the school shooting in Florida and we wish we could say we were proud of these kids for taking action. But sadly, they are just being used as political pawns by the left.

Instead of asking serious questions about what’s happening in our schools and why kids these days plot and carry out violent attacks, the left swooped in just days after the Parkland shooting and helped organized a march against the 2nd Amendment, using our kids.

For argument’s sake, let’s say the left was successful in using this tragedy to achieve the gun laws it seeks, like more background checks, making certain guns illegal, banning bump stocks, etc.

Would the problems with our schools and children that prompt such rage just magically disappear? Now kids are bringing knives to school, should those be banned from the lunchroom, too?

Would the media stop the hype after tragedies that prompts copycat crimes? We remember back in olden times when the wire services issued warnings to media outlets whenever schools received a bomb threat, that reporting the incident could promote copycat crimes.

Now the media is actually promoting “National Student Walkout Day” like it was a homecoming dance that everyone should attend.

Wednesday’s walkout is nothing more than an alibi for the Democratic Party that would rather politicize problems than do the hard work of solving them.

U.S. Rep. Jared Polis, in his quest for the Democratic nomination for governor, tweeted on the eve of the walkout that he stands with the Democratic Party’s  students’ call to action, “that’s why I will never take ANY money from the NRA or any special interest group.”

It’s beneath disgusting for Polis to use the Parkland tragedy to further his own political career, not to mention his empty promise to refuse money from an organization that never offered him any.

Polis pledged from the beginning he wouldn’t accept donations from anyone and would fund his own campaign for governor. That had nothing to do with the shooting, but with his own insecurities that few Democrats would contribute to his campaign.

Go home Polis, you’re drunk.