Attention Denver Post readers now coughing up $12 a month to read the paper: You will soon be getting even less for your money.

We’re guessing the new subscription model charging more than the New York Times isn’t working, because one-third of the newsroom is getting the boot (Paging Bruce Finley).

The announcement was made to the newsroom Wednesday as journalists were fanned across the region covering school walkouts.

Several hours later, the Post got around to reporting their own news and said there are actually 100 people left working in the newsroom after all of the previous layoffs and buyouts. Well, there were 100 people.

Soon there will only be 70 editors, support staff and journalists to bring us news across the state on government, politics, crime, sports, entertainment, marijuana, business, opinion, photos and video. We suspect the copy desk was already axed long ago.

But who will be left to pump clickbait onto social media every hour?

Judging from Editor Lee Ann Colacioppo’s memo, it sounds like that’s everyone’s job description, now.

“The Denver Post will emerge on the other side still doing important work that impacts the lives of our readers – stories that inform them, move them, surprise them and entertain them. We will continue our aggressive, groundbreaking efforts to find ways to reach and connect with those readers.”

Print is dead. Long live leftwing clickbait.