The Denver City Council is out of excuses. We hope. Last week they tried weaseling out of an investigation into the sexual harassment claims against Mayor Hancock made public from one of his former security detail officers, claiming it would re-victimize her. Oh, Hell no was the response from the lawyer representing former Detective Leslie Branch-Wise, who quickly dispatched this letter calling for an investigation while assuring them of his client’s willingness to cooperate.

Hancock has apologized that his actions “hurt her and offended her” but he has not admitted to sexually harassing Branch-Wise, which is actually the crux of the whole damn complaint. The council really has no choice but to act, yet they are dragging their feet claiming they need to do some legal research with the city attorney before deciding on whether to actually do anything.

Councilwoman Robin Kniech, who has asked for a legal memo, says that could be the first step toward starting a council investigation … President Albus Brooks confirmed that other members have asked for guidance about the council’s investigatory power, too.

In other words, they are just continuing to stall while Democratic Party Chair Morgan Carroll continues to ignores the scandal altogether. But someone needs to investigate these claims, stat, before the election. Voters have a right to know if the mayor is guilty of sexual harassment.