Lt. Gov. Donna Lynne obviously missed the memo that staging phony photo ops while turning in petitions to run for governor might backfire.

Lynne was the last Democrat to turn in her petitions in six huge paper boxes that she claims holds 25,000 perfectly legal signatures belonging to live voters in all congressional districts.

That’s six boxes that can hold 5,000 sheets of paper each, or 30,000 total sheets of paper.

With each sheet of paper holding about 30 signatures, Lynne at most had about 833 pieces of paper — less than two reams total, or about 138 sheets of paper per box, to carry into the Secretary of State’s office.

As we exploited with great fanfare last week when U.S. Rep. Jared Polis tried the same photo opp with eight boxes to carry 1,100 sheets of paper, it’s a pathetic attempt by Democrats to show their popularity with the folks while needlessly killing trees in the process.

Again, we call on the Secretary of State’s office to take pictures and show us what was inside the boxes. Where they full, half full, or stuffed with bubble wrap?