Bullied trash fish.

That useless trash fish known as the humpback chub is about to come off the endangered species list after wasting hundreds of billions of Colorado River water in harmful and wasteful dam releases and costing taxpayers untold buttloads of money.

This is the same species of bottom feeder that has no value to ecosystem — people won’t eat it and wildlife doesn’t rely on it either — and inspired those nuts in the Glen Canyon Institute to call for the removal of the Glen Canyon dam.

So of course, Bruce Finley at the Denver Post is sad and whines that still more must be done to save the trash fish.

Even though it’s not in danger of extinction, federal officials still want to continue wasteful water releases.

Adding insult to injury, the feds also want to exterminate smallmouth bass fish, which is actually a game fish, so they won’t eat the crappy trash fish when they can’t find anything better on the menu.

According to Finley, the bass “bully and devour humpback chubs.”

By all means, let’s spend millions more to kill fish bullies.