Lt. Gov. Donna Lynne took a pretty big political risk by wearing a red bindi on her forehead to the Beaux Arts Ball last weekend.

Some folks in the South Asian culture would consider that cultural appropriation and disrespectful, especially when worn as part of a costume.

To like, a ball, or Halloween party.

It’s not a fashion trend, it should never be a costume, and it most certainly is not something to be mimicked for political purposes.

Lynn is not a practicing Hindu, as far as we know. The Democrat’s biography on her gubernatorial campaign page says nothing about her religion, or if she’s even spiritual .

The last time we checked, Lynne is not from India, but was born in Jacksonville, Florida and spent most of her career in New York.

When Selena Gomez wore a bindi for a performance during an MTV awards show, she was criticized as culturally insensitive and Hindu leaders demanded an apology.

We look forward to an explanation from Lynne as to why she wore the tiny red jewell on her forehead.

Was it a fashion faux pas? Is she a privately practicing Hindu?

Or maybe she just got confused that a symbol associated with women from India was instead worn by native Indian women, and she claims to belong to the same tribe as U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren. She does have high cheekbones.