Last night, the Denver Post asked the most obvious question about this whole Democratic-manufactured hullabaloo (in their minds) around Secretary of State Wayne Williams – why exactly is he facing a grand jury? See, Williams is the victim of yet another smear campaign by Matt Arnold, who specializes in smear campaigns against his own people – Republicans.

The gist of the bogus accusations? Williams is using his office to favor his political buddies by not collecting on Arnold’s BS so-called campaign finance violations, which in reality is more like Arnold’s weaponization of campaign finance rules to benefit his buddies and destroy his target’s reputations.

With this in mind, we have to ask – Is Arnold being paid by someone related to Democrat Jena Griswold’s campaign for Secretary of State? We digress.

While it’s true that Williams has not collected $10,000 from an organization levied with a campaign finance violation, it’s also true that the organization in question no longer exists. So, from whom should Williams collect? But, more importantly, why is Williams facing a misdemeanor? The answer to this lies in a press release we recently received about Denver District Attorney Beth McCann.

“McCann seized upon a politically-motivated retaliatory complaint filed by a disgruntled activist, and instead of exercising appropriate prosecutorial discretion and dismissing it on its face, her office chose to refer it to a grand jury and drag out the proceedings. This politically benefits the only Democrat running against Wayne Williams, Jenna Griswold.”

While it’s no secret that McCann is a Democrat, it was surprising that she donated directly to Griswold given McCann’s pursuit of this frivolous case.

McCann’s spectacle is an outsized reaction for an office that refuses to investigate potential assault charges at the State Capitol, calling it a workplace issue. Think we’re being facetious? Here’s what the Denver Post wrote about the grand jury hearing:

“We find it more plausible that this dispute is a result of ongoing differences of opinions, and not a conspiracy worthy of such a theatrical response.”

McCann ought to be at the least embarrassed to bring this before a grand jury, but more pointedly, she ought to face questions about misconduct herself.