A recent story by Marianne Goodland at Colorado Politics made us laugh out loud. Democratic state Rep. Don Valdez expects the public to believe that he married a woman who lives in a $2 million house in Pueblo West and, somehow, convinced her to move from her 9,000 square-foot house into his parents’ three-bedroom, $145,000 house in La Jara to maintain his residency so he could continue to run for office?

Rep. Valdez, let us help you navigate this upcoming marital strife, just remember, “happy wife, happy life.” Rep. Valdez may have a striking resemblance to Desi Arnaz from “I Love Lucy”, but looks only go so far. And this whopper is just not believable.

To put a finer point on this, Valdez expects us to believe that his wife is moving from this house:

To this house:

We’re not trying to be snobs here, but really? That’s a drastic change. We have to ask, is this part of some kind reality show based on popular TV show Schitt’s Creek? Or is Valdez really just up $hit$ creek with his residency issues?