Jason Crow, the Democrat willing to work with Trump.

In a delightful turn of events, the Democratic Party’s own polling shows their candidates challenging Republicans this year have to give President Trump a big old sloppy wet kiss and pledge to work with him if they want to get elected.

The survey says to “express a willingness to work with the president when his agenda might help the district.”

Doing so gives a Democrat credibility to stand up to Trump on other issues, survey says.
They also warn Democrats not to “appear” out of sync with people on the economy, Because 56 percent say they are confident about their economic future.

This bodes well for U.S. Rep. Mike Coffman, who is known for standing up to Trump on issues like immigration, and he led the fight urging Trump to fire the VA secretary.

Jason Crow responded to the survey by biting the bullet and trying his darnedest to play nice.
If Trump and Republicans “want to get serious” about solving tough issues, then he will … gasp … work with them.

Because it’s time to stop playing politics, Crow said without a hint of irony, and get to work.

Which is exactly what Coffman’s been doing.