New reports from a Colorado Open Records Request (CORA) filed by Compass Colorado contradict Democratic Sen. Dan Kagan’s claim that he breached the ladies room in the State Capitol just once and show that he likely lied about his frequent and inappropriate visits to the women’s bathroom in the Colorado State Senate offices. According to a recorded conversation between non-partisan Senate staffer Effie Ameen and Heather White, communications supervisor with the Colorado State Patrol, Kagan’s restroom raids were frequent and continued after he was warned that they were inappropriate and made women feel uncomfortable.

Listen here:

What you just listened to is the Senate and the Colorado State Patrol having to create an entirely separate key card category to keep Sen. Kagan out of the women’s bathroom. See, the women’s bathroom can be accessed either through a keypad or a swipe card. If they changed the code, Kagan could just use his swipe card, so they had to change both.

But what gall Sen. Kagan had in going to the Senate floor to read graphic descriptions about sexual assault when he had repeatedly engaged in behavior that made women feel uncomfortable. So uncomfortable that fellow Sen. Beth Martinez Humenik actually filed a workplace harassment complaint. So frequent, in fact, that Sen. Owen Hill refused to allow his young daughters to use that restroom for fear of them running into a grown man using their restroom.

Why didn’t Kagan stop even after being advised, as revealed in the conversation above, that it made women uncomfortable? And, given the complaints, why did Democratic Senate leadership turn a blind eye? Looking at you, Sen. Guzman.

Democrats have a lot of explaining to do.