Finally, Nancy Pelosi is on the record saying what we knew all along – that if Democrats gain control of Congress next year, they will vote to repeal the tax cuts signed into law by President Trump just a few months ago.

We shouldn’t be surprised by this, as Pelosi, who lives in a city where the median house price just eclipsed $1.6 million, things that the tax cuts that accrued to middle class Americans are mere “crumbs” and the cuts are “unpatriotic.”

Since Pelosi-led establishment Democrats are propping Crow up in the election, it would be reasonable to assume that Crow would vote along with Pelosi on the repeal of such an “unpatriotic” law.

So what say you, Jason Crow?  Do you support the tax cuts that are benefitting CD-6 residents?  How do your neighbors (if you have actually moved into the district yet) feel about their bigger paychecks now that tax reform is the law of the land?  Do you think this is a good deal, or would you rather return to 2017 taxation levels and increase tax rates at every bracket?

Same for you, Levi Tillemann (Dick). Pelosi’s crew is trying to push you out, but would you decimate the middle class, too?

We all want to know.