It’s no secret that we think businesses should have the right to alienate all the customers they like. We argued in favor of Masterpiece Bakery and we will defend the Aurora Family Practice and its doctor, Dr. Chae, for his waiting room splattered with anti-President Trump sentiment. Here’s the tweet allegedly showing pictures from his office.

While the Twitters were all aghast about this alleged doctor’s office, assuming these photos are real, his political leanings should come as no surprise. Here’s a diatribe from his website, explaining why he only takes Medicaid:

“These private insurances made record profits during 2008 and 2009. They have fought every attempts for any meaningful reform. They cannot be trusted. They cannot be allowed to dictate our healthcare policy. Some may say it is hypocritical for our office to state our given philosophy and at same time accept payments from them. WE AGREE.

“We started process of opting out of contracts with all private carriers since 2008. We are pleased that we have now completed this process by May 2010. Delay has been due to completing all contract obligations and to arranging proper transfer to other offices.”

Feel free to experience firsthand the single payer experience so often touted by lefties by making Aurora Family Practice your primary care doctors office. You should know, though, that the practice only has two out of five stars on Google Reviews, which is about the level of satisfaction we would expect from single payer.