The Democratic Party was desperate to let unaffiliated voters into primary elections, but now that wish is coming back to bite the donkey in the ass.

Magellan Strategies pollster David Flaherty tells the Pueblo Chieftain that unaffiliated voters won’t make much of a difference in the Republican primary, but will swing the vote for Democrats.

The reason, he says, is voter apathy among conservative independents.

Liberal independents are more motivated, and 30 percent plan to vote in the primary, their polling shows.

So while 27 percent of Democrats recently polled support U.S. Rep. Jared Polis, and 23 percent of Democrats are backing Cary Kennedy ( Polling below 8 percent is “also ran”), that leaves independent liberal voters to decide who the Democratic nominee will be.

Is it too late for Bernie Sanders to jump in the primary? Because he could wipe out the entire Democrat bench.