The Denver City Council saved Mayor Han(d)cock’s bacon by refusing to look into charges of sexual harassment from his honor’s former security detail officer.

Now that they’ve done him that favor, they are basically refusing to acknowledge the mayor’s existence — or at least his reelection campaign, 9 News reports.

They asked all 13 council members if they support Hancock’s reelection in May 2019. More than half didn’t even respond. The ones that did either declined to comment or gave an excuse why they don’t endorse other this candidates.

Paul Lopez even argued that it’s not for sure yet that Hancock will even seek reelection.

It’s not a bit surprising they are trying to distance themselves from the man and his sexual scandals. But if the council thinks voters will let them skate through their own reelection campaign without answering, at some point, for what they didn’t do, they’re wrong.