Instead of looking into the sexual harassment charges from a former member of Mayor Han(d)cock’s personal security team, the Denver City Council told the mayor to investigate future ways to hold himself accountable.

We mocked the move as toothless when the council voted on it, and now we have proof why it will never work.

It turns out at least one councilman wanted Mayor Han(d)cock held responsible for the charges of sexual harassment, and did find precedent for imposing an unpaid suspension.

Not surprisingly, the mayor considered it, but decided it wouldn’t be in his own self interest to suspend his own self.

It was Councilman Kevin Flynn who made the suggestion, while acknowledging that his constituents were calling for the mayor’s resignation.

The mayor’s spokesflak told the Denver Post:

“The mayor appreciated Councilman Flynn’s outreach but decided that self-imposing consequences was not an appropriate response.”

So while the mayor is whiling away his time not holding himself responsible for future actions of harassment, it turns out the voters are already planning to do that for him.