Teachers across the state are walking off the job today while claiming they’re doing it all for the children and betterment of education. We won’t quibble, they’re demanding raises.

The actions of teachers today are forcing parents to change their schedule or lose a day’s pay — in many cases a lot lower than what teachers are paid — because teacher unions insist their profession is so much more noble than anyone else’s and they deserve huge raises without question whenever they stop doing their jobs to demand huge raises.

But of course they didn’t get into teaching for the money, it was for the children. Demanding more money came later.

School teachers in Colorado make about $50,000 and higher, plus retirement and health care, they get all the holidays, huge vacations at Christmas and in the spring, plus summers off. Looks like a pretty good gig.

Teachers are also complaining they have to spend about $650 of their own money out of pocket in the classrooms — which of course they write off on their taxes, just like the rest of us.

If there’s a job that doesn’t require us to spend hundreds of dollars out of our own pockets, we’d like to know about it.

Then there’s that raise they missed out after the economy went bad, they are still complaining about.

Well, join the club. Ask the civics or perhaps history teacher, and they will confirm that most of us lost jobs and ended up with lower-paying salaries and no retirement over the last decade.

With so many people in this country clinging to their jobs without raises of any kind and only 10 days off for vacation, total, teachers should maybe count their blessings.